Check your broker

Trade on financial markets is developing at a tremendous pace. This leads to the emergence of a huge number of brokers, not all are honest.
To distinguish one from another is hard, especially for the newcomer on the stock exchange.
As a result, the choosing a broker to trade becomes much more complicated. If You do not have proper experience, and there are many unsubstantiated promises, it is easy to make mistakes and to believe false promises. How to protect yourself from fraud?
You need to pay attention to such items as:

  • A long work history of the broker on the stock exchange and Forex market;
  • The license of the broker on this type of activity;
  • Branches, including abroad;
  • Broker awards at prestigious exhibitions, competitions, high ratings and reviews about it media;
  • Positive feedback on the work at forums, conferences, blogs, chat Forex traders;
  • High place in the “independent ratings” on the Internet the broker;
  • The value of spread, leverage and number of currency pairs by which you will be able to work with this DC;
  • A solid analytical framework on the campaign site;
  • The reliability and reputation of the Bank in which the account is opened DTS, etc.

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